Ugg Tess Boots Chestnut-5502 Leading To Fashion


Ugg Tess Boots Chestnut-5502 Leading To Fashion
Variety of ugg boots for every guest has been plagued by snow boots in what material? The main materials are now available in the market are synthetic, natural hair, wool and other different materials ugg boots, wool ugg boots in the selection of the most elegant, there are many inferior products or counterfeit products is full of the market, so buy wool ugg boots, can see , touch, smell, burning to distinguish between:

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Firstly: see skin color

inspected carefully to see skin color coat color coat color of wool, fine sheepskin uggs to foreign high-quality environmentally friendly dyes and additives, the application of advanced skills in processing by the glossy coat bright, vivid color, soft gray example UGG5815; inferior goods are color dim, easily fade, string color; If it is made of different color stitching snow boots, should focus on whether the existence of the same color aberration; and velvet ugg boots, suede and the flatness and density will be a special concern.

Second, feel a touch.

1.Hand re-ask wool appearance, strict selection of quality wool ugg boots density is good, clean hands when feeling slightly delicate, velvet feel; the poor feel rough, sticky astringent. This is because the wool classic cardy ugg boots fine selection of quality kid as raw materials in Australia, the Health and temporary short pores, intact, fine fur fibers, density an average, rich elasticity.

2. Check whether the left hand there is fur hair cracks, solid skin can block splicing, such as whether there were significant patchwork.

3. Hand slightly pulled pull fur, hair loss can emerge. Fine wool ugg boots great strength of the skin panels, special is the Australian wool, rabbit fracture load is twice as difficult to hair loss, will not let broken hair stuck in clothes.

Third, heard:

Take almost smell the product, quality wool to export tanning agents and advanced processing technology, and for disinfection at the factory line, to avoid mites, bacteria, and no odor; while inferior wool because oil is not removed net, emit unpleasant topic to popular flavor.

Wool ugg boots for some time after application, as long as the fur with a special comb gently comb, can be recovered. If minor stains, dry cleaning can clean towel dipped slightly volatile and wipe dry. If the stain is too large to be sent to specialty store clean, you can also look at other ugg boots cleaning method. When hot, do not have the wool ugg boots to air dry on the central reservation, not the temporary collapse and pressure. If the application is insect agent, not indirect contact with fur. In addition, the collection must be well ventilated place to dry before, not exposure.


wool materials by fire, along the wool classic short ugg boots, a trace of hair next to unplug slightly, remove the little thread, fire lit, pure wool will first curling smoke, from the yellow flame, a smell of burning hair, leave a dark brown ash blocks, finger pressure is needed for a fine powder.

For UGG boots fashion is a trend towards

Ugg boots, the first impression you think of ugly and stupid, but it is the trend of a single product. Fashion appears to have become a common practice to seek, to find UGG boots fashion is the trend of a trend. It played a European touch all dudes and babes Asias fashionable nerve, UGG boots are moving in the fashion trail preceding came.

UGG boots are a girls favorite, in addition to its warm, the boots on the leg touches the unique role of the other accessories are not comparable. While looking down from the shape, classic tall ugg boots are a little bulky, heavy, but the girls wear in the feet, the crude fat is the body immediately and resulted in sharp contrast to the calf, making a girls legs look more slender.

UGG boots to clothing in the color choices on a more fruitful, UGG There are many colors and styles for choice, whether you choose which one, can match the appropriate clothing on your dress, so you do not feel the cold of winter, while more beautiful sounding. This years summer months than earlier this year have, in many parts of it began to snow, the hours if you wear a pair of ugg boots, trod a slide in the snow scene, what kind of enjoy it? If you there is no rain, which it will keep your clothes on a level grade.

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