How to learn catwalk in cheap ugg boots ? ( part 2)


How to learn catwalk in cheap ugg boots ? ( part 2)

 This is the second part  of  how to learn catwalk  in cheap ugg boots .  earlier I enlighten you  few points of catwalk  .we will continue our topic and will complete this in this post . during cat walk you must walk in straight line without bumping up your ankles. Male your stride look long an commanding  .  let everybody feel that you are the star  and commander  .

Take a stride longer than the normal walk by lifting your foot well off the ground with a little bend in the knee and then placing  your foot a good distance  in front  of the supporting leg . avoid long strides  this will make  you walk odd  and ungraceful .just take  your strides little longer than the normal ones .don’t forget to turn with your hips .

 Your face expression are very important thing  in your catwalk . if your face expressions are not good it can easily ruin your entire effort . don’t  stare at a viewer  during catwalk .look straight ahead . always keep your chip and eyes level .never hide your face during catwalk  people are there to see you , don’t let your head and  shoulder fall away . avoid excessive movements and also don’t over exaggerate  arm  movements, during cat walk your head  and shoulder should work together  both at the same time  like tough coat hanger

Swing your hips more  than in usual routine .  movement of the hip depends upon the beat of the music . if the beat of the music is slow increase the hip movement and if the  beat of the music is high and slow your hip movement and increase your strides .

No you must be very careful when you are at the end and are about to take turn  .  your left foot must be in front of you than your  right  as you pause for a beat (double  beat) . make sure that the feet, hips and the shoulder are facing  the side of the ramp (runway).your head  now must look straight on  at the spectators .after  a little pause  reel your feet back toward the  curtain, lift right foot  and then carry on .

 Don’t get nervous  on the ramp and  play with fingers it will be noticed naturally by audience. Just let them in a natural position . if you are strong enough than make your own  signature walk  .  doing catwalk  in cheap ugg boots  will be  a very  nice  experience and  you can master it with little effort .


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